Sony Philippines Lends a Helping Hand to Victims of Ondoy and Pepeng.
It was a tragedy that wreaked havoc on property, livelihood and claimed many lives like no other ever has. Successive and lethal typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng will always draw up images of devastation and pain in Filipinos’ memories. It came so swiftly and unexpectedly but its aftermath has forever altered people’s regard for life, brethren, and the force of nature. It was a shared experience of fear and helplessness among the poor, the rich, the healthy, the ill, the young and the old. But it was also the catalyst that brought each individual out of their comfortable enclaves to come together to bring hope and strength to start the business of rebuilding.
Every bit helps. A small bag of goods suddenly has significance of being heaven sent when it becomes your first meal in days. Sony Philippines took the lead in gathering its employees and utilizing the company’s resources to make sure that the most in need receive it. Sony employees devoted time and effort in repacking and delivering food and medicines to about 6,000 families in Brgy. Sta. Elena, Santolan Elementary School Pasig, Sitio Kaysakat Rizal, San Vicente Angono. These areas were severely devastated by the typhoons and Sony and its employees provided the vehicles, logistical support and man power to undertake the operations of bringing badly needed supplies to areas that were engulfed by the floods.
Sony Philippines celebrates the true spirit and beauty of humanity. It encourages its employees to recognize community service as a responsibility as well as privilege to help others most in need. In this recent tragedy, Sony Philippines gives honor to the Filipino, for surviving the typhoons and lending a helping hand to others, while rebuilding his life with a smile and a indomitable spirit to live.