Full-Frame cameras

Make every click of the shutter count with our full-frame cameras. Learn more about the range below, and find the best model to capture your memories in perfect focus.

Discover more in every shot

With our full-frame cameras, your photos take on new dimensions. All full-frame DSLR-like cameras feature an image sensor the same size as a 35 mm film frame. This increased surface area lets you capture more of the world around you in stunning high-resolution, with enhanced color and detail.

Design of Sony's full-frame DSLR-like camera
Photograph taken with Sony's best full-frame DSLR-like camera

Bring out the best in your photos

See the difference with our full-frame cameras. The larger-than-average image sensor is ideal for high-res landscape photos, with a hint of natural warmth added to every picture. You can also utilize the smaller depth of field to create controlled, blurred backgrounds that are free from noise—perfect for beautiful portraits.

Enhance every pixel

Breathe new life into your photos with our full-frame compact cameras. The high-speed BIONZ X image processing engine accurately reproduces details, reduces noise, and enhances tonal gradations. Our Exmor™ CMOS sensors also achieve a higher dynamic range with more light, so your stills and movies will burst with color.

Processors of Sony's full-frame compact camera
Lenses for Sony's best full-frame DSLR-like cameras

Freedom and flexibility

Our best full-frame DSLR-like cameras let you select the perfect lens for any occasion. Choose from full-frame cameras featuring A-mount or E-mount interchangeable lenses and enjoy maximum shooting flexibility, whether you're capturing a sunset on the beach, action in a football stadium, or family gatherings in your backyard.

Give movies the full-frame treatment

Our best full-frame DSLR-like cameras don't just take amazing photos — they shoot great movies, too. Features like XAVC S Full HD recording enable professional-quality movie capture without the need for bulky video camera equipment. Filming under low light isn't a problem, as the high-tech sensor keeps things crisp and clean.

Pictures taken with Sony full-frame compact camera
Full-frame cameras with NFC and Wi-Fi connectivity

Connect with your camera

Share your photos and movies with the world using our best full-frame DSLR-like cameras. Exciting features on select models—like built-in Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity—make it easy to post photos and videos online, or transfer content to your smartphone. Want to edit or enhance your pictures? Just add a few apps to your camera.