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5 Fundamentals. Uniquely Alpha.

Sony’s Alpha mirrorless system encompasses the best in image quality, speed, lenses, stamina, and compactness to forge the 5 Fundamentals of Alpha DNA. Journey with us as we discover how these winning qualities put Sony Alpha photographers at the front of the pack.

CX85000 SEL85F14GM ISO3200 up to Full 13543
Image quality

It begins with Sony’s leading image sensor technology.

With the BIONZ X R and BIONZ X Image Processors, Sony’s Alpha range delivers outstanding image quality with excellent noise reduction capabilities, even at up to 61-megapixel resolution. Every shot enjoys wide dynamic range with smooth gradation from shadow to highlight, giving you greater creative freedom.

Coupled with an advanced Imaging Processing Algorithm, you get natural color reproduction and smooth outlines. Alpha mirrorless cameras with back-illuminated and stacked sensor technology are highly adept at high-burst rate shooting without sacrificing image quality—just perfect for sports and wildlife photography. With the adoption of S-log video profile, videographers enjoy recordings with wider dynamic range for more creative options during post-production.

Simply a whole new level of visual expression. 

A7RIV SEL600F40GM up to A2 DSC09516

Never miss a moment with Sony’s Alpha mirrorless system.

With Real-time tracking and Real-time Eye AutoFocus (AF), a split-second is all it takes to acquire focus, capture, and process an image. From the perfect goal in driving rain, to a veiled bride’s spontaneous beam, Real-time Eye AF always keeps the eyes in focus. The AI-based technology continues to work even when the subject is looking down or during scenes with strong backlight. Real-time Eye AF works perfectly on animals too, so pet and wildlife imagery enjoy precise eye focus.

With stacked CMOS Sensor technology, photographers enjoy blackout-free continuous shooting as images are processed instantaneously. For videographers, the high-speed 120fps video capture brings professional quality to slow-motion scenes.

Sony’s Alpha cameras truly harness speed to your advantage.

20 1H E mountLens onp 2007 VX8012 2
Expanded lens lineup

With over 50 native E-Mount lenses in Sony’s lineup, ranging from ultra-wide to super-telephoto, Sony lenses simply work with both full-frame and APS-C Sony systems—no adapter required thanks to the one-mount solution.

At the top of the Sony lens family are G Master lenses, with industry-leading resolution across the frame for edge-to-edge sharpness. The beautiful and dreamy bokeh offers the perfect background for superb image isolation, allowing the subject to pop from the frame.

With Sony’s unique actuator technology, coupled with fast, precise, and tenacious AF speed, you can lock focus without undue noise and vibration for the smoothest of captures. 

CX85000 Situation 01 GW PrimaryTout
Battery life

Sony’s Alpha mirrorless system lets you shoot for long periods without interruption thanks to the stamina of our battery design.

Through continuous innovation, Sony’s proprietary battery technology effectively manages power consumption for all-day use. This assured reliability is something that both professional users and hobbyists can benefit from.

CX88400 black LCS-EBE

Sony’s Alpha mirrorless system’s compact and ergonomic design plays a vital role in capturing the decisive moment. The absence of heft makes handholding more comfortable, giving you more framing options, be it close to the ground or over the head.

Despite the compact dimensions, the camera body brims with innovative functions such as 5-axis in body stabilization, silent shooting, and even dual card slots. Compact, sturdy, lightweight, and comfortable to hold, Sony’s Alpha cameras are your ideal partners in any situation.

Together, these 5 fundamental building blocks form the Alpha DNA.

An Alpha captures what others can’t. Meet Our Ambassadors.

Aided by Alpha’s 5 Fundamentals, Sony’s coalition of photographers and videographers around the globe continue to push the limits. We are proud to showcase their creative work and hear how Sony Alpha mirrorless cameras help them fulfill their creative vision.