Bali, Indonesia

The tropical gem of Southeast Asia offers a rich hunting ground for the photographer. A combination of nature and man’s best work, it offers the perfect shot for all genres of photography—from dramatic seascapes to fascinating street shots. Coupled with the warm smiles of the Indonesians, it is a pleasant place to journey through for a photographic adventure.

Amrita's Thoughts

Within the span of an hour, the sun’s slow descent and the retreating seas reveal a hidden treasure of textures around Tanah Lot Temple. Rock formations surround the serene temple with time, and with every passing minute, the sky evolves into a symphony of colors. I took a breath and captured the landscape with as much intensity as the scene itself, before it all disappeared with the return of an angry tide. In the short span of time that I had to shoot, the high-performance yet lightweight FE 16-35mm F2.8 G Master wide-angle zoom lens captured a range of angles that encapsulated the mystic nature of the temple. Every image taken was imbued with wonderful contrast that added to the sense of awe. The distortion control was excellent even at 16 mm, and the edge-to-edge sharpness meant that rock pools at the bottom corner of the shot were crisp and clear-looking.