Pulau Sipadan, Malaysia

A country full of cultural and natural wonders, Malaysia offers a multitude of photographic experiences for adventurous photographers. From the streets of George Town to idyllic islands, it’s got everything.

Amrita's Thoughts

Pulau Sipadan is every diver’s dream destination in Malaysia, as it is the Federation’s only oceanic island. The Kapalai Dive Resort boasts impressive panoramic views and powdery white sand. Coupled with the psychedelic colors that accompany each sunset, it’s an inspiring setting for creative photography. The FE 16-35mm F2.8 G Master wide-angle zoom lens was the right glass to capture the vastness of the seascape. The high-resolution lens captured foreground details crisply while rendering the background into creamy bokeh. The lens’s fast and precise autofocus feature was perfect for candid shots. I photographed the frantic paddling of a local guide as he made his way to warn unsuspecting snorkelers of the incoming tide. It was a one-shot moment that could have been easily missed had the autofocus not worked quickly enough. I was able to capture the scene without compromising any other details of the water in the background. The lens allowed me to photograph the illuminance and vibrancy of the seascape set against the setting sun.