Palawan, Philippines

The Philippines is an archipelago consisting of more than 7,000 islands. As such, the diversity of nature and manmade attractions are plenty and breath-taking. From the buzz of the capital, Manila, to the serenity of a pristine sandbar, Philippines has it all for the photographer.

El Nido is paradise on earth. It is the launching pad for exploring Palawan’s stunning Bacuit Archipelago. El Nido, or “nest” in Spanish, was named after the tiny swiftlets that built edible nests out of saliva in the limestone cliffs. At the beach, you can see the magnificent Cadlao Island behind a small armada of motorized bancas, the catamaran-style boats. The light was just striking the top of Cadlao Island: nature’s cue to start shooting. With the FE 24-70mm F2.8 G Master Lens at 70 mm, Cadlao Island was accentuated. In the foreground, the bancas bopped gently with the tide at each snap. The G Master Lens’s excellent resolution across the frame made every shot a keeper. The sunlit rock and trees in the background of the image were packed with detail, as were the motorized bancas at the bottom of the image.