Phurith Netimonkholchai (Vin)

Phurith Netimonkholchai (Vin)

Vin's journey into photography happened fortuitously when he chose to pursue his passion for this craft by taking up lessons in Australia. By chance, some customers asked him to take photos of their weddings. His work was much loved. Today, Vin is a famous wedding photographer and planner in Thailand, working with more than 200 couples every year. 

What keeps you inspired as a wedding photographer? 

The money! (Just kidding.) It's all about love. I love to see people happy. I love to capture them while they are happy. And I love to see all my clients happy when they see their pictures and they can keep those moments forever.

Describe your wedding photography style. 

Combining every moment together with the rhythm of nature.


What are some challenges you face in wedding photography? 

Dealing with Mother Nature is the most challenging. The unpredictability of the sea, sun, tides, rain, clouds… But it's also so much fun and inspires me all the time.


What important details are needed for wedding photography? 

Get to know your clients. Get into their hearts. And show people how much they love each other.


Which camera and lenses do you shoot with? 

The cameras I use are the α7R III and α9. For lenses, I use a variety: the SEL1635GM, SEL2470GM, SEL70200GM, and SEL1224G.


How does your equipment support you in your photography? 

Having good equipment sets me free to think, to be creative, like every artist must be. I do the creative part, and I let great equipment do the technology part. As I believe in art, so do I believe in Sony's technology. This great combination can only result in a great creation.


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