Why Flash?

Whether you’ve just bought a camera or are looking to improve your photography skills, investing in an external flash is a move you won’t regret. Plus, with Sony’s range of flashes, particularly HVL-F60RM, you’ll definitely be in good hands.

For starters, the external flash offers superior control over the lighting and exposure of subjects in tricky light-starved situations. The HVL-F60RM enhances this control with its unique Quick Shift Bounce feature that angles flash projections in various directions. On top of that, it possesses more power to illuminate areas at a wider angle, and keep up with high-speed Alpha cameras with its fast recycle time.

The HVL-F60RM also provides other nifty features, such as customizable buttons for quick access to functions, seamless multi-flash control for different lighting styles and high-speed synchronization capability for beautiful outdoor shoots.

To showcase the prowess of Sony’s flashes, let’s explore how the flash is used in Portrait, Food and Product photography below.

Portrait Photography
Food Photography
Product Photography