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Different people bloom at different stages of their life. It is never too late to pick up a skill, chase a new passion or finally find meaning in life. Phichai Keawvichit is a walking testament to this sentiment. Growing up in an impoverished neighborhood and working as a motorcycle taxi driver for most of his life, the Thailand native only developed a penchant for photography later, and as it turns out, he has a knack for it.

Peep into the creative mind of Phichai as he captures the unique angles of ordinary subjects, making the most of the high-zoom lens and large 1.0-type sensor that comes packed into the RX100 VII’s compact body.

Phichai Keawvichit sets his creativity free
with the RX100 VII

“I chose to pursue this career because I love art and photography,” he shared. “With these two things, I discovered another world that allowed me to see more things than ever before.”

Phichai’s introspection can be seen in his style of photography. He describes it as “photographing from the senses,” a technique whereby one frees oneself from what is plainly seen. It can be anything, from the subject’s lines, shape and color to even the light and shadow, that inspires how Phichai’s photographic expressions.

The RX100 VII’s broad zoom lets Phichai zoom in the minute details.

Left: RX100 VII | 200 mm | 1/800 sec | F11 | ISO 200
Right: RX100 VII | 24 mm | 1/800 sec | F11 | ISO 200

The impetus to Phichai’s photography ability is Sony’s RX100 VII, which he solely uses for all his works of art.  

An all-round camera 

The RX100 VII has continued to prove itself a versatile camera for a wide variety of stunning captures. Phichai’s experience confirmed this. 

Color is reproduced in the highest quality, thanks to the RX100 VII’s large 1.0-type sensor.

Left: RX100 VII | 200 mm | 1/200 sec | F4.5 | ISO 200
Right: RX100 VII | 24 mm | 1/200 sec | F4 | ISO 200

“Flexibility,” he put it simply when asked about his first impression of the RX100 VII, seeing how he counts on it for both casual and professional shots. It’s easy to see why. To start with, the camera is lightweight and compact for easy one-hand shooting. It also boasts pro-level features and superior performance, and the full potential of the high-zoom lens and large 1.0-type sensor are displayed in Phichai’s arresting photos. 

Shapes are revealed when zoomed in with the RX100 VII’s 20–200 mm focal length.

Left: RX100 VII | 200 mm | 1/1000 sec | F8 | ISO 200
Right: RX100 VII | 24 mm | 1/1000 sec | F8 | ISO 200

Changing perspectives with zoom 

From just a glance at Phichai’s work, one can tell his affinity for architecture. And he has a unique way of showcasing this; first by grabbing your attention with a detailed close-up, before revealing the same subject in its entirety with a wide-angle shot. He carries this out easily with the RX100 VII’s broad 24–200 mm zoom range. 

What is left unseen is now highlighted with the RX100 VII’s broad zoom range.

Left: RX100 VII | 200 mm | 1/200 sec | F9 | ISO 200
Right: RX100 VII | 24 mm | 1/200 sec | F9 | ISO 200

Furthermore, the camera’s high-magnification optical zoom lens consistently delivers maximum resolution and clarity across the entire range. Visual reproduction is excellent, thanks to the RX100 VII’s large 1.0-type image sensor of 20.1 megapixels. Textures and colors in each shot are produced more realistically such as a wall’s rugged surface or bright architectural elements. Phichai’s experience confirmed this, and he expressed how impressed he was by the vibrancy of the colors in his captures. 

Witness the most minute linear details when zoomed in with the RX100 VII.

Left: RX100 VII | 200 mm | 1/250 sec | F8 | ISO 200
Right: RX100 VII | 24 mm | 1/320 sec | F8 | ISO 200

An underrated feature for creative shots 

With a remarkable telephoto capability and stunning image quality, the RX100 VII offers one more aspect that has helped Phichai set his creativity free.

That is the camera’s tiltable display monitor that flips upwards by 180° and downwards by around 90°.

The RX100 VII’s tiltable display monitor allows for easy low-angle shots.

Left: RX100 VII | 200 mm | 1/400 sec | F11 | ISO 200
Right: RX100 VII | 24 mm | 1/400 sec | F11 | ISO 200

Phichai said he can take shots from unique angles such as shooting at waist level. This is a very useful function for architectural photography, where some buildings span high and wide and may require the photographer to position himself awkwardly in order to shoot them in their entirety. 

With the RX100 VII, Phichai can easily find beauty in the ordinary, thanks to its broad zoom range and large 1.0-type image sensor.

Left: RX100 VII | 139 mm | 1/40 sec | F11 | ISO 200
Right: RX100 VII | 24 mm | 1/40 sec | F11 | ISO 200

Perfect for all photographers

Phichai’s captures with the RX100 VII prove that one can find beauty in the mundane. There’s no need to travel far and wide to achieve a stunning shot. Whether it’s on the street or part of your daily routine, the RX100 VII helps to shine light on new perspectives that are often left unseen.

From its zoom range to its wide range features, Phichai emphasized that the RX100 VII’s flexibility and high image quality make it suited for photographers. Aside from understanding the camera’s fundamentals, he went on to share that the best way to get the most out of photography is to put your heart into taking pictures. 

“The beauty that comes from the heart of every human being should be conveyed in photography,” he concluded. 

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication are those of Phichai Keawvichit. They do not reflect the opinions or views of Sony Singapore.

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