Chiyomaru Shikura

Music producer of classic games including Fire Pro Wrestling and Clock Tower; producer for the popular group Akihabara; and composer of animated songs.

The Future of the Music Industry

Chiyomaru is a multi-talented figure in the music world, acting as a video game music producer, pop group producer, CEO, and even songwriter. We talk with him about how High-Resolution Audio will affect the future of the music industry.

Interview by blueprint / Photography by Yohei Takeuchi

Q: You're very familiar with all aspects of audio technology and even lecture professionally on digital compression. What do you think of High-Resolution Audio as a source?

A: Well, I remember hearing High-res audio when it first started appearing. At the time, you couldn't hear it easily on a Walkman and I thought maybe it was fine for listening on special occasions. But now I feel it should be much more widely used, especially for composing. It's a completely different sound than what you get on a CD.

Q: Why is listening in High-Resolution so fascinating?

A: What's amazing is that you can actually feel the singer breathing; it's like being right there with them in the studio.

Q: You're currently working with voice actors and the "Stand Up! Project" label. Is voice a new focus for you?

A: Absolutely. Our company is making CDs for young girls. We use head-shaped microphones and play all the sound from them; you quickly learn to recognize who is talking to you, and from which direction. The rich sound of high resolution really makes it sound great.

Q: What are people's expectations of music in this new high-resolution age?

A: What listeners really want—and will buy—is music that evokes the desire to possess it. When you hear music on a nice high-res player, it's so much better; you simply want to have it, to own it for yourself.

Q: How do you think High-Resolution Audio might affect your many musical activities?

A: Well, if high-resolution audio goes mainstream then "craftsmen", so to speak, who can create authentic new sound will be required. I can also see maybe using High-Resolution Audio to reinterpret classic masterpieces.

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