Xperia™: toward zero plastic packaging

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Working toward the elimination of all plastic packaging

Beginning in April 2021, Green Management 2025 (GM2025) is a set of medium-term environmental targets that form part of Sony's Road to Zero plan. GM2025 progressively reduces plastic in the packaging of our portable products, on the path to total elimination.

Eliminating plastic from Xperia packaging

[1]   Figures given are proportions (percentages by weight) of plastic used in individual packaging for global models.
[2]  Changes from 2018 to 2019: plastic molded trays replaced with pulp trays / plastic molded spacers replaced with card.
[3]  Changes from 2019 to 2020: box construction revised / material usage reduced including plastic (principally PP film). 
[4]  Changes from 2020 to 2021: box surface film lamination replaced with varnish / plastic wrap on included USB cable replaced with paper sleeve / sticker surface film lamination replaced with varnish.

Designing protective and functional packaging without plastic

Elimination of single-use plastic

Rethinking and removing protective plastic packaging

As part of our sustainability drive, we are reducing the use of plastic in packaging, eliminating plastic components or replacing them with paper materials. Examples include replacing plastic film lamination with abrasion-resistant varnish for Xperia 1 III, and replacing the plastic USB cable wrap with a paper sleeve.

[1] Film lamination → abrasion-resistant varnish    [2] Plastic Film → Paper    [3] Plastic → Paper board or pulp
[4] Sticker    [5] USB Cable Sleeve

Image of paper to be recycled
Carefully selecting materials to avoid bleaching

The trays inside smartphone boxes are molded from factory-waste paper pulp in a specially created custom mold. The pulp used is carefully selected to achieve the desired white color without the need for bleaching.

Reducing the plastic content of the outer box

Preserving product protection and packaging functionality

[1] Plastic → Paper    [2] Plastic tray eliminated

Working toward the elimination of plastic packaging

Tomoyuki Nishizaki

Packaging Design Engineer
Sony Corporation, Mobile Communications Business Group, 
Product Development Division, Product Design Department

Portrait image of packaging design engineer

Environmental consciousness is on the rise. Marine pollution caused by the inappropriate disposal of single-use plastics has recently been receiving media attention, and Sony's medium-term environmental targets (Green Management 2025) include the reduction of plastic packaging materials as a priority. Environmental awareness has long been one of our Xperia packaging design themes. We are working to eliminate or replace plastic packaging materials for Xperia, while maintaining the required performance. For example, with the 2019 model, we switched from molded plastic to molded pulp packaging trays, and removed plastic from the packaging while maintaining the unboxing experience. We are the Mobile Communications Business Group, and we are working on achieving the total elimination of the remaining plastic packaging materials within the next few years.