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I cannot make a Wi-Fi connection between the camera and smartphone via Imaging Edge Mobile App.

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Check the following steps.


  • To connect the camera and smartphone via Wi-Fi, the dedicated application, Imaging Edge Mobile (PlayMemories Mobile successor), is needed. 
  1. Use the latest version of the application and the camera’s system software.
    The latest version of the application can be found here. Imaging Edge Mobile Download website
    For details of the camera's system software, refer to the support page of each product.
  2. Remove the battery pack and the memory card from the camera, and then reinsert the memory card.
    • If a recordable memory card is not correctly inserted into the camera, the camera may not be able to connect via Wi-Fi.
    • Make sure to insert the memory card correctly after confirming the direction and front/back of the memory card.
  3. Turn off the camera and the smartphone and turn them on again.
  4. Check that Wi-Fi is enabled on each LCD screen of the camera and smartphone. When Wi-Fi is enabled, a Wi-Fi mark is displayed on the screen.
    NOTE: When an airplane mark is displayed on the LCD screen, the airplane mode is enabled. In this case, you cannot make a Wi-Fi connection. Disable the airplane mode. For details on operation method, refer to the manual supplied with the product.
  5. Start Imaging Edge Mobile installed on the smartphone. For how to setup and operate, refer to the following: 
    Imaging Edge Mobile > How to use
    NOTE: If you are using an iPhone, tap Settings to turn on Wi-Fi. Then, select the SSID of the camera to connect with the camera via Wi-Fi and activate Imaging Edge Mobile.
  6. Camera settings differ between Single connection (connect your smartphone and a single camera) and Multi connection (connect your smartphone and multiple cameras).
    Follow the procedure below and check that your camera has a suitable setting.
    • Single connection

      • FDR-X3000 / FDR-X1000V / HDR-AS300/ HDR-AS200V / HDR-AS100V / HDR-AS50 / HDR-AS30V / HDR-AS20
        Wi-Fi is set to ON in the camera SETUP menu.
      • HDR-AZ1
        If a Wi-Fi mark is not displayed on the display panel of the camera or the bar is displayed above the mark, press the Wi-Fi button until only the Wi-Fi mark is displayed.
    • Multi connection
      NOTE: FDR-X3000 / FDR-X1000V / HDR-AS300 / HDR-AS200V / HDR-AS50 only
      For more details, see the following:  Multi Camera Control(Action Cam)
  7. Reset the camera setting and check if the symptom improves. For details on operation method, refer to the manual supplied with the product.