Article ID : 00189236 / Last Modified : 12/08/2020

How to set the focus mode of the PlayMemories Mobile app installed in your smartphone or tablet using Smart Remote.

    1. Connect your camera to your smartphone or tablet.
      • For model-specific instructions, check the manual of the camera.
    2. On your smartphone or tablet, tap on the icon for the PlayMemories Mobile application.
    3. On the quick access menu of PlayMemories Mobile, tap on the Focus Mode tile.

      Focus Mode Tile

      NOTE: Camera settings like ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed is only available on the PlayMemories Mobile interface if the Smart Remote embedded app on your camera is updated to Smart Remote Control. To check if your camera is compatible with the update and for instructions on how to update, visit the PlayMemories Camera Apps website.

    4. Select a desired focus mode.

      Select a focus mode

    NOTE: For cameras with a physical focus mode switch, changing focus mode within the app isn't possible, use the physical switch instead.