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Are there things I can do to obtain a sharper image when shooting using a tripod?

    To enjoy high-resolution photography, the ILCE-7R is equipped with a full-frame image sensor of 36 megapixels (42 megapixels in the case of the ILCE-7RM2).
    To get the maximum imaging performance out of this high resolution image sensor, it is recommended that more attention is paid to camera shake, even when using a tripod.

    Take the following steps to reduce camera shake:

    • Use the sturdiest possible tripod.
    • Do not extend the legs and elevators more than necessary.
    • Use a larger platform to enhance stability.
      One can also attach a weight to the tripod to increase its stability, for example using a stone bag.
      (Make sure the sum of the equipment weight and attached weight does not exceed the capacity of the tripod.)
    • Use a platform with an impact-absorbing material such as cork on its surface.
    • Raise the shutter speed.
      A higher shutter speed will reduce blurring.
      The standard shutter speed is at least 2 stops from "1/focal length" seconds.
      By making adjustments to the ISO sensitivity and lighting, it will be easier to obtain a fast shutter speed.
    • In the case of the ILCE-7RM2, use the Front Curtain Shutter function or Silent Shooting function.
    • Set up the tripod on a hard floor or other surface where it can be securely fixed, rather than on a carpet or other unstable surface.
    • If using heavy lens, to prevent camera shake, fix the camera itself with a tripod or monopod, instead of using just a tripod-mounting collar for the lens.