Article ID : 00075930 / Last Modified : 11/04/2018

I connected the camera to the computer, but the battery pack does not charge.

Unable to charge when connected to computer

    Check whether the POWER/CHG (charge) lamp is lit.
    If the POWER/CHG (charge) lamp is not lit, check the following.

    • Disconnect the USB cable from the computer and connect it firmly again.
    • If your camera is equipped with built-in USB, use the built-in USB cable to connect to the computer.
    • The battery is not charged if the camera is turned on.

      NOTE: When you are using HDR-AS15/AS30/AS30V/AS100/AS100V, if the USB cable is connected just after the camera turns off by the Auto Power Off function, the camera is switched to USB connection mode and the battery will not be charged. Connect the USB cable only approximately 10 seconds after the power is turned off.

    • If the computer is in the Standby mode, the battery may not be charged. Make sure the computer is not in the Standby mode.

      NOTE: USB connection may not be successful if you connect the USB cable before turning on the computer. Always turn on the computer first, wait until it can be operated, then connect the camera.
      If the computer is a notebook type, use the AC adaptor for the power supply for the computer.

    If you have stored the camera with the battery pack attached for a long time, the battery may be over discharged.
    In this case, charging time will take longer than usual.

    NOTE: Charge the battery in an ambient temperature of 10 ˚C to 30 ˚C (50 °F to 86 °F).

    If the issue is still unresolved, the product may need to be repaired.