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How to care for the wireless headphones

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    If foreign substances (such as earwax) build up in the earbuds, no sound may come out or the volume may seem lower than usual. If this is the case, examine the mesh of the earbuds (the parts where sound output) and clean them.
    NOTE: We recommend caring the headphones regularly to prevent built up of foreign substances.

    How to care your headphones

    1. While holding down the unit, twist and pull to remove the earbuds.
      NOTE: Do not pinch the end of the earbuds when removing them.

    2. With a cloth dampened with water and wrung tightly, clean the mesh of the earbuds (the parts where sound comes out) to remove dirt, earwax, or anything that may accumulated, being careful not to accidentally push dirt or debris into the earbuds.

      • Do not rub the mesh too hard, or the mesh may peel off or get torn.
      • If sweats or moisture gets inside the mesh, tap the earbud gently towards the cloth before the water dries.
    3. Firmly reattach the earbuds completely, making sure the earbuds are not attached loosely or in a skewed manner. Once the earbuds are attached, check to see if the headphones work properly.