Article ID : 00163697 / Last Modified : 11/04/2018

What are the video formats supported by the Amazon app?

    The following are video file formats supported by Amazon video services or Amazon Video on Demand app:

    • Standard Definition (SD) - uses MPEG digital stereo sound similar to CD quality. All Amazon Video compatible devices support Standard Definition video playback.
    • High Definition (HD) - provides a high quality picture with display resolution up to 1080p similar to a Blu-ray Disc picture quality.
    • Ultra High Definition (UHD) - provides a 4K picture resolution that is four times greater than High Definition. Only applicable to Sony Android 4K TV models.
    • High Dynamic Range (HDR) - produces and increased color range and a wider range of brightness information resulting in a more vivid picture. This feature is only available for Sony Android 4K HDR models only.

    The actual quality of the video recording of videos that can be instantly watched on your Internet Video device will vary based on your Internet connection speed. The Amazon video app will automatically choose the video quality in order to give you the best image possible based on the speed of your Internet connection. The faster your Internet connection, the higher the quality of the video.