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How to playback the content stored in my Xperia smartphone on the TV screen.

Playback the content stored in Xperia smartphone on the TV screen.

    The following are the three different ways on how to playback the music, videos, and pictures saved on your Xperia smartphone on your TV screen:

    • Display the screen of your Xperia smartphone wirelessly by Screen Mirroring.
      Press Input button on remote → Screen Mirroring → Select BRAVIA Name > Xperia content will be display on BRAVIA screen.
      Note: Select BRAVIA Name by scanning from your device to search and select your BRAVIA name.
    • If Xperia and BRAVIA is connecting to same home network, you may play the contents with DLNA feature as below.

      On Television:
      - Press HOME on remote
      - Go to ApplicationsAll ApplicationsMedia Player → choose your Xperia

      While playing content with Xperia:
      - Tap Throw icon at the top of the screen
      - Select BRAVIA name.
      Xperia's operation may change in the future. Please refer the instructions manual of Xperia
    • You can connect your Xperia smartphone and TV using an MHL cable .

    Note: The video quality may be degraded due to environmental interference.