Warranty Information


    Note: The following terms and conditions relate to the warranty of Sony products purchased within the Republic of the Philippines ONLY.
    For warranty conditions of Sony product purchased outside of Philippines, please refer to the terms and conditions that accompanied your product or refer to your place of purchase.

    Consumer Product Domestic Warranty

    When you purchase a Sony product from a local authorized dealer, you have the peace of mind in knowing that your product is covered by Sony's Standard Warranty (“Warranty”). The Warranty is provided by Sony Philippines Incorporated, located at Unit B & C 10th Floor and 11th Floor Inoza Tower, 40th Street, Bonifacio Global City, City of Taguig, Philippines 1634.

    General Terms & Conditions

    Sony Philippines, Incorporated (SONY) warrants its products to be free from defects in material or workmanship within the prescribed period from date of purchase under normal use. After this period, a charge will be made on any services, labor, adjustment, or replacement of parts.

    There will be an additional one (1) year warranty period for the following products: 1) Compact Camera, 2) Camcorders & Action Camera, 3) Interchangeable Lens Camera (Body only), PROVIDED, that said products are purchased through SONY’s authorized dealers and registered in MySony Program (https://web.sony-asia.com/ph/signup/). Otherwise, the default warranty period of two (2) years shall apply.

    There will be an additional three (3) months warranty period for the following products: 1) E-mount lenses and 2) Procam. PROVIDED, that said products are purchased through SONY’s authorized dealers and registered in MySony Program (https://web.sony-asia.com/ph/signup/). Otherwise, the default warranty period of One (1) year shall apply.

    To validate this warranty, purchaser is requested to register the product online here within 60 days from the date of purchase. The purchaser is requested to present the original dealer’s invoice for verification purposes whenever any service is requested during the warranty period. In all cases, however, the official receipt along with the product to be serviced or returned shall be sufficient for the purchaser to avail of the warranty that comes with the product.

    This warranty does not cover any damage due to wear and tear, accident, transportation, misuse, negligence, natural disaster, cosmetic modification, and use of voltages other than designated or prescribed one, or operation in a manner not in accordance with the Instruction Manual.

    This Warranty shall only cover the product, and/or its internal parts only. External and supplied accessories as well as those purchased separately are not subject to Warranty.

    Please bring the product to the nearest Sony Authorized Sony Service Centre (see Authorized Service Center Locations), to avail of warranty service. Tampering of the Sony product by an unauthorized technicians will invalidate the Warranty.

    This Warranty is non-transferable and will not be honored if the serial number of this product is removed, altered or obliterated or there is misrepresentation in any other form.

    Within the period of thirty (30) days after the delivery of the product to be serviced to the Authorized Sony Service Centre, Sony will repair or replace the defective parts as the case may be subject to the terms and conditions of the product to be serviced.

    This Warranty is valid only in the Republic of the Philippines.

    Sony shall not be liable for incidental, indirect, consequential or special damages for breach of any warranty on this product. Except as otherwise provided herein and up to maximum extent permitted by pertinent laws, rules or regulations, no warranties, either express or implied, statutory or otherwise, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are made with respect to this product, and all such warranties are hereby expressly excluded.


    Items that do not need warranty registration:

    Batteries & Chargers, Tripods, Remotes, Underwater Housing, Bags, Pouches, Cases, Straps, Lens Filters, Memory Card, Memory Card Readers and other non-serialized products.

    Warranty Period and Special Warranty Conditions:

    Product CategoryStandard Warranty PeriodMy Sony Perks - Warranty ExtensionSpecial Warranty Conditions
    Audio SystemsOne (1) yearNoneFor bring in repair at Sony Authorized Service Center
    Soundbar and Optional SpeakersOne (1) yearAdditional 3 months (soundbar and optional speakers purchased from July 29, 2023 and registered w/in the warranty coverage period)
    HeadphonesOne (1) yearAdditional 3 months (models w/ serial number purchased from July 29, 2023 and registred w/in the warranty coverage period.)
    TelevisionTwo (2) yearsNoneHome service and/or on-site repair for screen sizes 40 inches and above
    Compact CameraTwo (2) yearsAdditional 1 YearFor bring in repair at Sony Authorized Service Center
    Camcorders and Action CameraTwo (2) years
    Interchangeable-lens Camera (body only)Two (2) years
    Cinemaline Camera (Cpro)One (1) yearAdditional 3 months
    Camera LensOne (1) year
    ProcamOne (1) year
    Memory/SD CardFive (5) yearsNone
    ICD Voice Recorder, Cassette Player, Walkman and Pro Audio MicOne (1) year


    Personal Information

    Your personal data will be collected and kept confidential by Sony Philippines, Inc. (“Sony”). Sony will use your personal data primarily for record-keeping in connection with its obligation to honor its warranty for the product you just bought. Secondly, Sony aims to keep you informed of its latest products and services and for gathering feedback regarding its products and services.

    You consent to Sony disclosing your data to the relevant entities within the Sony Group of Companies for these purposes only. Please email Sony at http://www.sony.com.ph/section/contactus or call Sony at (02) 8878-7600 if you:

    1. Wish to update your personal data which you have previously submitted;

    2. Wish to revoke any consent previously given by you concerning the use or disclosure of personal data which you have submitted;

    3. Do not wish to receive Sony’s latest product information or;

    4. Have any other queries to Sony.

    If you are under eighteen (18) years old, please submit your personal data only upon your parent’s or guardian’s consent.