• 1. All Sony cameras purchased from Sony Authorized Dealers nationwide are covered with guaranteed two (2) year warranty.

  • 2. To avail the additional one (1) year warranty, customers should register the model name and serial number at

  • 3. A QR code sticker is available in the packaging that customer may scan to directly access the registration page.

  • 4. The registration and additional one (1) year warranty are free of charge.

  • 5. Once MySony registration is complete, customer should upload a copy of the sales invoice from an Authorized Sony Philippines Dealer to an online form for validation. Visit to upload the sales invoice and choose the option “Warranty Registration”.

  • 6. An email will be sent to customer to confirm the additional one (1) year warranty.


  • 1. Successful registration at MySony

  • 2. Sales invoice of the unit for warranty registration from the Sony authorized dealer

  • 3. In case of lost sales invoice, customer may present a Purchase Certificate from the Sony authorized dealer

  • 4. The registration for the additional one (1) year warranty shall be done within two (2) years from the date of purchase. Failure to do so will result to the default guaranteed two (2) year warranty.

  • Disclaimer: Professional camera segment is excluded in this additional one (1) year warranty.