• 1. Promo will run from November 15, 2019 to January 15, 2020.
  • 2. Deadline of entries is until January 15, 2020, 11:59pm.
  • 3. Electronic draw will be done on January 23, 2020.

  • (B) SCOPE
  • 4. Promotion applies to all Sony Centres nationwide.
  • 5. The promotion is open to Filipinos and non-Filipinos who are currently residing in the Philippines, of legal age (18 above), and medically fit to travel and has a passport that is valid at least 6 months before the travel period.
  • 6. Employees of Sony Philippines, its affiliates and subsidiaries, said employees’ immediate family members including their relatives up to second degree of affinity or consanguinity and individuals living with them are NOT eligible to join the promotion.
  • 7. Only individual sales are considered valid entries. Corporate sales and institutional sales are NOT included.

  • 8. Each purchase of participating Sony products entitles the customer to 1 electronic raffle ticket.
  • 9. The customer must go to the e-electronic raffle site:   


  • 10. Customer must register the following details:
  •       a. Date of Purchase
  •       b. Invoice Number
  •       c. Product Purchased
  •       d. Sony Centre Branch
  •       e. Full Name
  •       f. Contact Details (e-mail address, home address and mobile number)
  •       g. Date of Birth

  • In the case that the customer will buy 2 or more participating items, branch should issue a separate invoice per item to entitle the customer to multiple electronic raffle entries.

  • (D) PRIZE
  • 11. The winner will receive a notification via registered mail, phone call and e-mail from Sony Philippines, Inc.
  • 12. The winner will be given 2 weeks to acknowledge the notification sent by Sony Philippines, Inc.
  • 13. Should the winner fail to respond in the timeframe given, Sony Philippines, Inc. will choose from the wait list.
  • 14. The winner will be announced on Sony Philippines, Inc.’s official social media accounts.
  • 15. A participant can only win once. If the same person is drawn twice, the bigger prize shall be awarded.
  • 16. If the winner is unable to claim the voucher, a representative can claim this on his/her behalf provided they he/she will provide the ff requirements:
  •       a. Signed authorization letter
  •       b. 2 government issued ID of winner
  •       c. 2 government issued ID of representative
  • 17. All decisions made by Sony Philippines, with the concurrence of DTI, will be deemed final and irrevocable.
  • 18. Prizes are as follows:
  •       a. Grand Prize: Trip for 2 to Tokyo, Japan
  •       b. 1st runner up: Trip for 4 to Coron, Philippines
  •       c. 2nd runner up: Trip for 4 to Bohol, Philippines
  • 19. All prizes are tax-free and transferable.
  • 20. All prizes are not convertible to cash.
  • 21. The winners authorize Sony Philippines to disclose and publish their names, photos, and other related details for purposes of advertising, PR, or through other media Sony Philippines may deem appropriate.
  • 22. Redemption period shall be until 60 days upon receipt of acknowledgement from the winner. Unclaimed prizes will be forfeited with prior DTI approval.
  • 23. The winner should claim the prize in the Sony Centre branch where the purchase was made or in Sony Philippines Inc.’s head office


KD-55X7007G, KD-55X8507G,KD-55X9507G,KD-55A9G,KD-55A8F, KD-65X7007G, KD-65X8000G, KD-65X8507G, KD-65X9507G, KD,65A9G, KD-65A8F, KD-75X8000G, KD-75X9507G, KD-75X8507G, KD-85X9507G HT-ST5000, HT-Z9F, HT-X9000F, HT-X8500, MHC-V82, MHC-V72, SHAKE-X70D, SHAKE-X30D, SHAKE-X10D NW-WM1A, NW-ZX300, IER-M7, IER-M9, IER-Z1R, MDR-Z1R, MDR-Z7M2, WF-1000X/B, WF-1000XM3/B, WF-1000XM3/S, WH-1000XM3/B, WIH-1000XM3/S, WI-1000XM3, WF-SP700N/B, WF-SP700N/W, WF-SP900/B, WISP600N/B, WI-SP600N/Y, WF-H800/B, WF-H800/L, WF-H800/R

ILCE-9, ILCE-7RM4, ILCE-7RM3, ILCE-7RM2, ILCE-7SM2, ILCE-7M3K, ILCE-7M3, ILCE-7M2K, ILCE-7M2, ILCE-6600M, ILCE-6600, ILCE-6500M, ILCE-6500, ILCE-6400, ILCE-6400L, ILCE-6100L, ILCE-6100 DSC-RX0M2, DSC-RX10M4, DSC-RX100M3, DSC-RX100M5A, DSC-RX100M6, DSC-RX1RM2, DSC-RX100M7, DSC-RX100M7 SEL1018, SEL16F28, SELP1650, SEL1670Z, SEL1855, SELP18105G, SEL18200, SEL18200LE, SELP18200, SEL55210, SEL55210, SEL55210/BQ, SEL20F28, SEL24F18Z, SEL30M25, SEL35F18, SEL50F18,SEL50F18/B, SELP18110G, SEL18135, SEL2870, SEL24240, SEL28F20, SEL075UWC, SEL50F18F, SEL50M28, SEL14TC, SEL85F18, SEL1655G, SEL70350G, SEL90M28G, SEL70200G, SELP28135G, SEL70300G, SEL1224G, SEL24105G, SEL24105G SB, SEL2470GM, SEL85F14GM, SEL70200GM, SEL100F28GM, SEL100400GM, SEL1635GM, SEL400F28GM, SEL24F14GM, SEL135F18GM, SEL2470Z, SEL35F28Z, SEL55F18Z, SEL1635Z, SEL35F14Z, SEL50F14Z, SEL200600G, SEL35F18F