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03 December 2006
The Life and Times of KC Concepcion
Making every moment count with Sony Cyber-shot

Ah, to be young and in Paris! KC Concepcion, student, theater actress, model, and media darling, has the good fortune of being both. Poised to complete her undergraduate studies in International Communications in the Corporate Track by mid next year, she has staked out a small albeit important portion of her life on Parisian soil. Nurtured by the river Seine and globally acknowledged as one of the most romantic and most visited places on earth, this dynamic center of economic, political and cultural activity in Europe reflects KC's energy and drive.

Between the schooling, the occasional play and exhibit, the meetings with various interesting individuals, and the other one hundred and one things a person can do in this City of Lights, KC flies home to the Philippines to visit family, catch up with friends and work. She also takes the time to travel. She is obviously a go-go-go kind of girl. Surrounded by distinctive neo-classical architecture and famed landmarks (from the Eiffel Tower to the Champs-Elysées) while caught up in the swirl of the fashion and art scene, can she be anything less than a self-professed visual learner? KC will not be content to merely tell; she'd show, capture, record and make every moment count with pictures.

“Pictures are the best way to remember. There are things that I can't see in words that pictures remind me of. There are things that I may not be able to articulate but I can just capture in a photo.” With photographs playing such a big part in the stories she likes to share, KC, not surprisingly, totes her Sony Cyber-shot everywhere she goes. “It's just so small and all you have to do is open and click and not worry that it's going to be a bad picture. Actually, my blog became a way for me to not waste pictures.”

KC's effervescent, outgoing personality, active lifestyle as well as the fact that she's a true blue Cyber-shot user caught the attention of Sony. “KC Concepcion is the perfect endorser for Cyber-shot because she is exactly the kind of individual that the new cameras are made for. These are function-filled, convenient, and fuss-free, not to mention fashionable digital gadgets that people on-the-go can easily bring along and use wherever and whenever they need to capture meaningful moments,” says Ina Villanueva, Sony's product marketing manager for digital imaging. The latest digital camera offerings from Sony are sure to fire up KC's enthusiasm even more. Both the Cyber-shot T-50 and N2 boast easy-to-use touch panels and carry a generous 3-inch Clear Photo LCD Plus screen. On top of the premium Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lenses that provide close-up shots up to 3 times in greater detail, these babies leverage on Sony's D-Range technology to enable image reproduction with approximately 159% colour improvement.

Packed with megapixels (7.2 for the T-50 and a whopping 10.3 for the N2) plus great internal memory, KC can click to her heart's content, which probably means that her walls will be brimming with even more photographs. She enjoys producing collages with images rendered in different hues, from dramatic black & white to the really bright and arresting “pop” colors. Her next project, which she eagerly conveys, is a collection of pictures showcasing people's lips to be done in a variety of colors and poses to represent each of their characters. “I like playing [with pictures], that's why I'm excited about the cameras. Cyber-shot is this season's ultimate accessory.”

KC's pictures of France's capital city present a study of its population and its unerring sense of style. “People, clothes, people wearing funky clothes, doing fun stuff with their hair.” Her images capture the juxtaposition of the old and new ?a modern-day executive in a business suit riding a vintage bike; contrasts and quirks ?elegant ladies in chiffon dresses riding scooters. She went on a recent trip to Madrid and Palma de Mallorca in Spain and came back with photographs of tile-lined calles. She brought her camera to San Francisco and got her pictures fast and clear. She's having the time of her life but she never forgets to touch base and relies on her camera for that as well.

“I say it through pictures!” The life and times of KC Concepcion in photos can be seen online at She put it there for the benefit of her cousins whom she knows would not have a lot of time to read emails; she made it public because they'd probably get lazy to register and sign-in. “So I made it available to everyone, then people started to find out. Then I realized that even if you don't write, if you put your images there, you say much more.” A lot more in fact, that photographer and friend Raymund Isaac, told her to be “careful who you show your pictures to because it says more than you think.”

But KC views taking photos exactly as a means to show. “Sometimes, it's not just about the pictures; it's also about the person taking these ?his thinking, his opinions, his life story. Photos show what you see and how you see it.” And for as long as there's something to see, share and remember, KC will be ready to click and capture. “To have a camera around, to have the Cyber-shot around when I travel, it's the best way to make the moments last forever.”

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