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The Highest Quality Sound

High-Resolution Audio will take your listening enjoyment to thrilling new heights. Offering better than CD-quality (44.1kHz/16bit), the superior sound of High-Resolution Audio reveals subtle details and nuances within the music, it's as if you were actually at the recording studio or live performance.

The product with this logo has been designed to maximise the sound performance of the High-Resolution Audio.*
*High-Resolution Audio generally refers to music data with a volume of information exceeding that of CDs

ClearAudio+™ is a Sony unique technology for enjoying high-quality sound by bringing together the expertise in digital processing technologies that Sony has cultivated throughout history as an audio brand.

More stunning realism than you've ever heard

Sony's innovative S-Master MX is a full digital audio amplifier optimised for mobile devices. Sony has enhanced our proprietary technology to introduce the S-Master HX* that is fully compatible with High-Resolution Audio formats.

The S-Master HX* delivers stunning sound quality by reducing distortion and noise when enjoying High-Resolution Audio files. Detailed sound is recreated at all frequency ranges, from the energetic, heavy thumping bass, to the sensitive atmosphere of the most delicate vocals and treble notes - for truly realistic and immersive audio.

*Cannot be used when using FM radio through Bluetooth® wireless listening.

Sony's DSEE HX™ technology upscales your favourite MP3 and CD audio files, restoring the subtleties that are lost in the compression process, to near High-Resolution Audio sound quality. Now, you can enjoy music closer to the original recording and feel as if you are there "live" in the recording studio or concert.

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