Full Specifications and Features


P 19,999.00

Size & Weight

Rear Speaker Size (W x H x D)
100 x 187 x 100 mm


Amplifier Type
Digital amplifier, S-Master
Amplifier Channels
2ch (L+R)
Power Output (Total)
100 W (L: 50 W + R: 50 W)


Power Consumption
11 W


SA-RS3S rear speakers on pedestals in a living room with a sofa, soundbar on a cabinet, and large-screen TV. Sound waves are emanating from the speakers to the ceiling and bouncing off the walls.

Boost your surround sound experience

The soundbar already offers immersive sound with a wider sweet spot so all the family can share the experience. Add the SA-RS3S wireless rear speakers and you'll enjoy an even more authentic and theatrical experience with sound behind and all around you.

SA-RS3S with tweeter and subwoofer visible

Clear, expansive sound

These two-way rear speakers feature both a woofer and a tweeter to achieve a rich, expansive soundstage with exceptional clarity.

Front image of SA-RS3S rear speakers side-by-side

Total 100-W output

2 x 50-W power output makes them the perfect support act for your soundbar, bringing movies and music to life.

Angled view of SA-RS3S speakers showing Omnidirectional Block design

Omnidirectional Block Design

An ideal match for your soundbar whether wall-mounted or freestanding, with sophisticated rounded edges representing a single solid block of wide-spreading sound. 

Wi-Fi icon

Easy to set up

Simply power up the SA-RS3S rear speakers and they'll automatically make a wireless connection with your soundbar. It's quick and easy with no need for messy cables.