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How to deactivate a single Sony device from a Netflix account.

    Other commonly used terms for the deactivation process described in this article are:

    • unlink
    • unregister
    • sign out

    The following steps are designed for Sony Blu-ray Disc players, home theatre systems, network media players and TVs:

    IMPORTANT: After following the steps below, it may take up to 5 minutes for the deactivation to occur.

    1. Determine which version of the Netflix app your Sony device uses.
    2. Open the Netflix app.
    3. Follow the appropriate steps below to deactivate Netflix.

    If using Netflix version 3:

    1. Select the Menu icon that is located at the top of Netflix user interface.
      V3 Menu icon
    2. Select Sign out.
      V3 Sign out
    3. Select Yes.
      V3 Sign out Yes

    If using Netflix version 2:

    IMPORTANT: Steps 3-8 below must be performed slowly, otherwise the deactivation screen will not appear.

    1. Open the Netflix app.
    2. On the keypad remote control, press the up arrow button twice.
    3. Press the down arrow button twice.
    4. Press the left arrow button.
    5. Press the right arrow button.
    6. Press the left arrow button.
    7. Press the right arrow button.
    8. Press the up arrow button four times.

      NOTE: The Deactivation screen appears.

    9. Press the right arrow to select Deactivate.
    10. Press the ENTER button.
    11. Press the ENTER button to select Yes.
    12. Press the ENTER button again to select OK.

    If using Netflix version 1:

    1. Using the supplied remote, press the Options button.
    2. Select Account.
    3. Select Yes. (Are you sure you want to deactivate Netflix on this device?)
    4. Select Yes. (To confirm deactivation)
    5. Select No. (To exit)

    Follow these steps if using a TV, Blu-ray Disc player or network media player with Google TV:

    1. Start the Netflix app.
    2. On the Netflix screen, press the right arrow button on the keypad remote control so the cursor moves to where you can select a movie.
    3. With any movie selected, do the following sequence using the arrow buttons on the keypad remote control:


      • U=UP
      • D=DOWN
      • L=LEFT
      • R=RIGHT

      NOTE: A service screen should appear that displays the name registered with the account as well as some information about your device.

    4. In the service screen, select Deactivate.
    5. Press the ENTER button.
    6. In the Are you sure that you want to deactivate screen, select Yes and then press enter.


    • Deactivating your Netflix account from the Google TV device does not deactivate your device with the Netflix account it was registered to. You will need to access your Netflix account to do this. Information on how to do this is available in the How to remove a device that is linked to a Netflix account  solution.
    • Once the Internet TV has been reset, you will be left on the screen to register a new account and associate your Google TV device with the new account.