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Answers to questions for Blu-ray Disc player of HDMI functions.

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    Q1: Can this player output 4K by using non 4K cable?
    A1: We recommended to use 4K HDMI cable (High Speed HDMI Cable 18Gbps bandwidth) or Premium High Speed HDMI cable.

    Q2. Is it possible to playback HDR (High Dynamic Range) content and connect to non HDR TV?
    A2. Yes, HDR features will be adjusted to SDR(Standard Dynamic Range) according to the display type.

    Q3. Can I use HDMI OUT 1 (VIDEO/AUDIO) jack and HDMI OUT 2 (AUDIO ONLY) jack at same time?
    A3. No, HDMI OUT 1 jack is to enjoy video and audio contents, HDMI OUT 2 jack is for audio only. Use an appropriate HDMI jack depending on your purpose.

    NOTE: This player can output audio playback via Bluetooth device and HDMI output simultaneously.