Article ID : 00182233 / Last Modified : 30/03/2021

Information about charging USB peripherals using Windows 8.1 PC


    Dear Valued Sony customer,

    Sony discovered that some products may experience issues with charging via the USB port of PCs with Windows 8.1 operating system (slated for release by Microsoft Corporation on October 18, 2013).

    Please find below the list of affected products:
    Cyber-shot Cameras
    Handycam Camcorders
    Action Cam (including Live-view Remote Control)
    Head Mounted Display
    Portable Headphone Amplifier
    Portable battery

    [Root cause and symptom]
    The issue with charging of some products via USB port of PCs using Windows 8.1 appears to be due to a change to the USB interface specification on Windows 8.1 Operating System.

    This issue does not occur with Windows 8 or former versions of Windows operating system.

    Alternatively, users can charge the affected product using its bundled or Sony genuine AC adaptor or via the USB port of a PC with Windows 8 or former version of Windows operating system.

    A permanent solution towards using the USB port of PCs with Windows 8.1 operating system to charge the above mentioned products will be announced as soon as it is available.

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