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How do I use the NFC function on my WF-1000X headset?

    What do you need?

    • An NFC compatible Smartphone: Android 4.1 or later
    • Your WF-1000X charging case and earphones

    How to proceed?

    1. Enable the NFC function on your smartphone. You can usually find the NFC menu in the Settings menu. If you're uncertain where to find your phones' NFC settings, remember that you can always check the manual supplied with your product.

    2. Remove both Left and Right units from your charging case. Provided the earphones are charged, they will then turn on automatically. You'll notice this by two flashes of the blue LED on the earphones.

    3. Touch the N-Mark at the bottom of the charging case with your smartphone's NFC location (usually also marked with an N-mark) until the smartphone reacts. Also make sure that your headphones are relatively close by as well. If you put them in your ears, please mind the volume level beforehand.

      Again, if you're unsure about the designated NFC location of your smartphone, just refer to the operating instructions supplied with your smartphone.

      NFC WF-1000X

    4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the pairing process and connection.

    5. When the headset is connected with your smartphone, the blue indicator will start to flash slowly. You will hear an automated message saying Bluetooth connected. If you haven't seen any instructions but have noticed the blue indicator flashes, try playing some content to verify if the NFC connection has been successful.

    If you can't connect the headset?

    Things to remember

    • If you touch an NFC-compatible smartphone with the bottom of the charging case, the smartphone terminates the Bluetooth connection with any current device, and connects to the headset. This is called One-touch connection switching.
    • When the power of the headset is off, you can't use NFC to connect the headset with the smartphone. To turn the headset on, press and hold the buttons both on the right and left units for about 2 seconds on until the indicator (blue) flashes. Also make sure they're sufficiently charged.