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For customers updating the ILCE-9 from firmware Ver. 4.10 or earlier

    This large-scale software update expands on the model’s already acclaimed AF performance and adds a host of new functions that further support shooting, viewing and customising the camera.

    IMPORTANT: Please review the following benefits and changes before performing the update.

     Main notes

    IMPORTANT: Note that once the update is installed, you cannot return to the previous version.

    • Initialization of the camera settings

      All setting values of the camera are initialized because of an update that adds functions and makes major changes to the specifications. Even if camera settings for the camera's system software (firmware) Ver.4.10 or earlier have been registered to the memory card using Memory (Camera Settings1 / Camera Settings2), those settings cannot be restored to a camera using system software (firmware) Ver.5.00 or later. We recommend you write down frequently used camera settings and other important information prior to executing the update.
    • Changes to the MENU configuration

      Camera functions have been added and deleted, so the configuration of the setting items displayed when the MENU button is pressed has been changed accordingly. We recommend you check the MENU configuration prior to shooting.
      For the setting item details, click here.
    • Added functions and changes to specifications

      Functions optimized for the shooting environment have been added. Accordingly, the function names and operation methods have been changed. In addition, some functions have been deleted. Be sure to check the change content details prior to installing the update.
      For the changes to functions made by this update, click here.