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When I play Quick Time file, disturbed noises come out.

    When I play a movie file of Quick Time formatted type (*.mov) with Quick Time Player or Media Bar, there are some disturbed noises come out.

    (To reproduce the symptom)
    1) Click "start"- "programs" -"Quick Time"-"Quick Time Player".
    2) Click "File"-"Open Movie".
    3) Choose "Sample Movie" (Program Files - Quick Time - to play.
    4) Disturbed noise is generated in the sound.

    Changed the Quick Time setting.
    To avoid this symptom, change [FIFO size] in [Sound Out] option as the following procedure.

    1) Click "Start"-"Settings"-"Control Panel" and double click "Quick Time".
    2) Choose "Sound out" in pull down menu.
    3) Click "Options".
    4) Change the "Fifo size" (initial setting is "60") to larger number. (To change 70-80 would improve this symptom.)
    5) Click "OK" to close the window.

    Sometimes buffer(memory) for the sound out set as a standard in Quick Time will be short, and cause this symptom. This will be avoided if you change "Fifo size" and restore enough buffer.