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Regarding product properties and notes on VAIO data rescue tool (VAIO Data Restore Tool Ver.1.0)

Product properties and notes on VAIO data rescue tool (VAIO Data Restore Tool Ver.1.0).

    When using VAIO Data Restore Tool Ver 1.0, please refer to the following information.

    • Please note the memory and management of recovery data.

    • The VAIO Data Rescue Tool is a backup tool which doesn't back up all files in hard disk.
      If the data is lost, Sony does not guarantee the security of the data. Sorry for inconvenience.

    • Depending on the user's disk status, sometimes, the recovered file may not be exactly the same as the original file sometimes.

              In addition, the recovery data may be incorrect due to a damaged file.

    • When using encryption function of hard disk, please cancel the function, and then use this tool.

    • When using VAIO Data Rescue Tool, please be sure to connect to the power.

    • When user needs music files with copyright protection and data of single-band or terrestrial digital broadcasting, please use specific backup tool for this software.
      Without specific backup tool, the files with copyright protection cannot be guaranteed.

    • When user recovers data by connecting peripheral hard disk and CD/DVD drive, please ensure contant connection before VAIO Data Rescue Tool starts.

    • Before data recovery is completed, please don't remove peripheral hard disk and CD/DVD drive.

    • Please use peripheral hard disk connected with USB or i.LINK and CD/DVD drive.

    • When using CD or DVD to save the recovery data, please use the formatted media.

    • When recovering data, files may be segmented and need renaming, according to their location that. As for the files backed up by VAIO Data Rescue Tool, please use VAIO Data Rescue Tool to recover.

    ■ Product properties

    • The following media can use VAIO Data Restore Tool Ver.1.0.
      ※The memory media varies for different drives installed in VAIO.

      • USB flash memory
      • SD card/ multi-media card (MMC)
      • CF card
      • SM card/ xD-image card
      • CD-R/RW
      • DVD+R/RW (Single Layer)
      • DVD-R/RW
      • DVD+R (Double Layer)
        ※ Unable to read DVD-R (Dual Layer)。
      • DVD-RAM
      • BD-R/RE (Single Layer)
      • BD-R/RE (Double Layer)

      When using other Ramdisks rather than USB flash disk, please install the drive.
      Please save the drive in VAIO-Drivers folder of recovery CD。

      • Memory_Card folder
      • Memory_Stick folder
      • FlashMedia folder
      • SD_Card folder
      In the interface of data-save location, click Install Driver... to read the disc.

    • The upper limit of disc that CD-R/RW can make is 20.

    • File system is UDF 2.01(except BD),or UDF 2.5(BD)。

    • If VAIO Data Rescue Tool is used for more than 64 hours or 72 hours, data-read will be interrupted automatically and the host will restart.

      The time varies for different models.

    • The following data cannot be recovered.

      • Files encrypted by TPM function and files with copyright protection, such as music data processed by SonicStage.
      • Files that sent to the Recycle Bin.