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How to create an audio CD using Easy CD Creator?

    * Back up an audio CD using Easy CD Creator.
    * Create original audio CD from multiple audio CDs using Easy CD Creator.

    Creation of an audio CD is only allowed for data where the user owns the copyright or where approval has been given from the copyright holder.

    Please follow the steps below to create an audio CD from the audio files in the hard disk:

    1. Click Start -> All Programs -> Adaptec Easy CD Cretator 4 -> Features -> Easy CD Creator.
    2. Select Audio CD and select the appropriate CD-ROM drive.
    3. Select the tracks to be extracted.
    - To extract all tracks, click the Edit tab and click Select All.
    - To extract multiple tracks, click all tracks to be extracted while holding down the CTRL key.
    4. Click Extract and enter a location to save the files.
    5. Click Save as type and select WAVE file (*.WAVE) or MPEG Layer-3 Compressed Audio (*.MP3) format.
    6. Click Save and the extraction of the audio tracks starts.
    To extract songs from multiple audio CDs, repeat steps 3 to 6.
    7. After all the desired songs have been extracted, insert a CD-R/RW into the CD recorder (the destination drive).
    8. Select the appropriate folder and click Add.
    Repeat the same procedure until all the files to be recorded appear in CD Layout.
    9. Click Create CD, select Create Options and Write Method. Then click OK.
    10. Click OK.