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Why does the message Enable Cookie appear in Internet Explorer 6.0?

    When a particular Web page is been browsed, the following message appears and cannot carry on browsing.

    "Enable Cookie"

    This message may appear when the privacy level of the Internet Explorer 6.0 is set to Medium level. The meesage will appear when the cookie of the Web page you want to browse is blocked. You may be able to avoid the symptom by changing the setting level to Accept All Cookies.
    Try the following procedure.

    * Procedure
    1. Start Internet Explorer, click Tools tab and click Internet Options.
    2. Click Privacy tab and select the option of Low]or Accept All Cookies.
    * We recommend that you usually set the privacy level to Medium or higher.
    3. Click Apply.
    4. Click Advanced.
    5. Select the option of Override automatic cookie handling and click OK.
    6. Restart Internet Explorer.
    7. Check if the Web page appears without problems.

    If the problem still persists even after the above settings, refer to the following procedure to approve the use of the cookie of the particular Web page.
    If the option of Accept All Cookies is being selected, you do not need to carry out the following procedure.

    Please refer to the following for approving the use of the cookie of a particular Web page

    * Procedure
    1. Start Internet Explorer, click View tab and click Privacy Report.
    2. Select the option of Restricted Web sites.
    3. Click on the Web page address in the list and then click Summary.
    4. Read through the privacy policy displayed. If you find no problem there, select the option of Always allow this site to use cookies and then click OK.
    5. Click Setting, click Privacy tab and then click Edit.
    6. Ensure that he Web page which you accepted the use of Cookie is added to the Managed Web sites and click OK.
    7. Click OK and click Close.
    8. Restart Internet Explorer.
    When Internet Explorer restarts, check that the Web page can be browsed without problems.

    * Remarks
    It is due to the specifications of Internet Explorer that the privacy mark appears in spite of the acceptance of the use of the cookie, set with the above procedure.