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Why doesn't Windows Media Player display the visualizations?

    Why doesn't Windows Media Player display the visualizations?

    The following are reasons why Windows Media Player doesn't display the visualizations.
    1. Certain skins cannot display visualizations.
    If skins like Classic is used, the visualizations will not be displayed. To display the visualizations, select a skin that can display visualizations or change the settings to Full mode.

    2. Visualizations is not selected.
    Even if skins that can show visualizations or the player is set to Full mode, the Show Visualizations option in the player settings has to be enabled for visualizations to be displayed.

    3. A MIDI file is played back.
    As MIDI files contain only descriptive information about music and does not include actual sound data, visualizations are not displayed. Check if the file is a MIDI file . For more information, please refer to the following solution in Microsoft's technical support website.
    Article ID: Q261862
    Title: No Visualization for MIDI files.

    4. The Digital Playback option is not enabled.
    If the Digital Playback option is disabled, visualizations may sometimes not be displayed.
    Follow the steps below to enable the Digital Playback option.
    1. Click Start, point to Programs and click Windows Media Player.
    2. From the View menu, click Now Playing Tools and enable the Show Visualizations option.
    3. From the Tools menu, click Options. Select the CD Audio tab. In the Playback Settings box, select the Digital Playback checkbox.
    4. Click OK.