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Keyboard is not working properly.

    Keyboard is not working properly.
    - Cannot type any characters.
    - Different character is displayed on the screen from the one you entered on the keyboard.
    - Cannot type specific characters.

    The following are some of the steps to check the problem.

    1. Check if the Num Lock has been turned on. This can be confirm by checking the Num Lock indicator. If it is turned on, some characters like 0, U, I, O, P, [, J, K, L, ;, M and / will not work.

    2. Check if the keyboard is configured properly in the Windows.

    * Procedure
    a. Click Start, click Settings and click Control Panel.
    b. Double-click System and click the Device Manager tab.
    c. Double-click Keyboard and check if Stardard 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural Keyboard is available.

    3. If the keyboard is properly configured and the problem still persists, please send the machine in for inspection.