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How to create an MP3 CD from the music data registered to a playlist?

    Creating an MP3 CD from the music data registered to a playlist.

    1. The creation of an original MP3 CD is possible only when the VAIO computer has a CD-RW drive or a CD-R drive.
    2. Use the following disc when creating an original MP3 CD:
    - Brand new unused CD-RW or CD-R media.
    - MP3 CD which session is not closed.
    3. Only songs in the MP3 format can be written to the original MP3 CD.

    Please note the following when writting songs to a CD-RW or CD-R media.
    1. Under the System Properties dialog box, do not disable the Automatic Notification of Insertion option of the CD-RW or CD-R drive.
    2. While writing data to a CD-RW or CD-R media:
    - Do not start any programs or perform other tasks (including the memory-resident programs such as screen savers).
    - Do not press any key on the keyboard.
    3. Do not use a CD-RW or CD-R media to which a label is attached. (Using such media may cause writing error or malfunction.)
    5. Do not connect the hard disk drive and the CD-R/RW drive to the same IDE connector.
    6. Do not carry out any other tasks that may apply load to the CPU and the hard disk drive of the computer.

    Please refer to the steps below to create an MP3 CD from the music data registered to a playlist:
    1. Insert a CD-R/RW media to the CD-R/RW or DVD-RW drive.
    2. Click Start-All Programs-SonicStage-SonicStage.
    4. Click the Transfer tab.
    5. Check that the CD drive is displayed in the External Device/Media list box on the upper right of the transfer window.
    * If another drive or a different external device/media is selected, select the correct one from the list box.
    6. From the Format list box, select MP3CD.
    7. Set a volume label if necessary.
    * Click Properties on the lower right on the transfer window and the Device/Media Properties dialog box will appear. Enter a given volume label in the text box. The default state shows the numbers indicating Year (Christian Era), Month, Day and Time in the volume label.
    8. From the list view of the playlist, click on a song or playlist to be written to the CD-R.
    9. Click Set.
    * User may drag and drop the song in the List of Songs box of the CD-R.
    10. Click Start.
    11. When the Writing Settings dialog box appears, make the following settings:
    Writing Method
    From the list box, select a writing method to write data to the CD-R.
    * Normally, select Write to CD-R.

    Writing Speed
    From the list box, select a speed to write data to the CD-R.

    Disc Close
    Select whether CD-R media is to be closed when the writing of data is completed.
    A. Selecting the Do not close the disc after writing option allows user to add songs to the same disc, but other computers may not be able to read the CD-R media.
    B. Selecting the Close the disc after writing option enables other computers to read the CD-R media, but user cannot add songs to the disc later.

    Writing Method of File
    Select the order for the songs to be written to the CD-R media.
    A. Selecting the Write in the specified order option writes songs in the order of date shown on the CD-R media.
    The songs written to the CD-R media carry the number that shows the order of songs at the beginning of their file names.
    When folders are created to classify songs, the number of the song order is added to each folder.
    B. Selecting the Sort by name and Write option rearranges the order of the songs by the actual file names in the list of songs of the CD-R and writes songs.

    12. Click Start.
    13. When the writing completes, the completion message appears. Click OK.
    14. Click Eject to remove the media.