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An app has disappeared from the Application screen, how to find it? (Android 9.0)


    How do I find an app that I cannot locate on the Application screen?

    Valid for

    Android 9.0


    The following are possible reasons why an app no longer appears on the Application screen:

    • The app has been deleted
    • The app has been disabled
    • The app has been hidden. For example, some Xperia™ devices that run on Android™ version 4.2 or higher have the option to hide apps from the Application screen.

    Try these methods one after the other. Verify after each method whether the problem was solved, before trying the next one.

    • Verify what apps are installed on your device.
    • Reinstall the app from Google Play. If you are missing a third-party app from the Application screen, you may have uninstalled it by mistake.
    • Enable the app in the Settings menu. If you are missing a pre-installed app on the Application screen, you may have disabled it by mistake. Sony applications, such as the Music or Album applications have a Disable/Enable option. Some Google apps, such as Chrome may also have the Disable/Enable option. Some third-party apps can also be disabled.
    • Reset the app preferences. This action resets all disabled apps, disabled app notifications, default applications for certain actions, and background data restrictions for apps.
    • Rearrange the apps on the Application screen. Select the Own order or By name in the Application screen menu. If the Most used option is selected, only a limited number of apps is shown.

    Verifying what apps are installed

    To check what apps are installed

    1. From your Home screen, tap the Application screen icon.
    2. Find and tap Play Store.
    3. Drag the left edge of the screen to the right.
    4. Tap My apps & games.
    5. Tap the INSTALLED tab.

    Enabling a disabled app

    To enable a disabled app

    1. Find and tap Settings Apps & notifications > See all apps.
    2. Tap All apps > Disabled apps.
    3. Select the app that you want to enable, then tap ENABLE.

    Resetting app preferences

    To reset the app preferences

    1. Find and tap Settings > System > Advanced > Reset options > Reset app preferences.
    2. Tap RESET APPS. No app data is lost when you reset the app preferences.

    Showing all apps on the Application screen

    To show all apps on the Application screen

    1. From your Home screen, tap the Apps icon .
    2. Tap the menu button (three vertical dots) > Sort apps. Make sure that you're not on the Recent searches screen.
    3. Tap Own order or By name.