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How to backup data using the SonicStage Backup Tool?

Backup data using the SonicStage Backup Tool.

    WARNING: There is a risk of data loss. While backing up, your computer cannot go into hibernation or on standby. Doing so may cause data loss, and the backup process may not function properly.


    • Establish an internet connection before beginning this procedure.
    • The System Restore function of Windows System Tools may corrupt tracks managed by the SonicStage® application and render them unplayable. Therefore, to ensure the integrity and reliablility of track playback, back up tracks using the SonicStage Backup Tool before running System restore, then restore the tracks with the SonicStage Backup Tool.
    • WMA format files downloaded from a music service site via the Internet or converted to OpenMG™ format can be backed up and restored by the SonicStage Backup Tool, but the copyright protection data that is attached to the files and stored on your computer will not be backed up so it cannot be restored. Re-obtain the copyright protection data by downloading it from the music service site via the Internet after performing a system recovery or restoring the data to another computer.

    To backup data using the SonicStage Backup Tool, do the following:

    1. Start the SonicStage Backup Tool.
      Note: The SonicStage Backup Tool is located in the SonicStage folder on your Programs menu.
    2. In the SonicStage Backup Tool, click to select the Back up my data option.
    3. Click the Next button.
    4. In the Step 1. Start backup window, click the Next button.
    5. In the Step 2. Specify the backup destination window, browse to a location where the backup data can be saved.
    6. Click the Next button.
    7. In the Step 3. Specify the backup folder name window, click the Next button.
      Note: Write down the name and location of the backup folder for any future restoration.
    8. In the Step 4. Run Backup window, click the Start button.
    9. In the Backup completed window, click the OK button.


    1. If removable media is selected to backup the data, multiple discs may be required.
    2. To restore the content, you must have all the discs. If you only have some of the content, you cannot perform a restore.
    3. Before starting a backup, be sure to transfer all tracks from devices/media to your computer.