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How to synchronize the 3D glasses with the TV.

    IMPORTANT: Sony 3D and 3D ready TVs will work with Sony 3D glasses only. Glasses manufactured by another manufacturer or those used at a 3D theater and amusement park rides are not supported.

    1. Make sure that the TV is turned on and set up for 3D viewing.
    2. Make sure that the 3D Sync transmitter is not being blocked. This may include someone standing in between the person wearing the 3D glasses and the transmitter.
    3. The person wearing the glasses should position him- or herself within the transmitter range shown below. Image
    4. Press the Power button that is located on the underside of the glasses. A green light will flash every 3 to 5 seconds to indicate that the glasses have been turned on.

      NOTE: If the green light does not appear after pressing the power button, the battery in the glasses may not be properly inserted or may need to be replaced.

    5. Put on the glasses while facing the TV.

      NOTE: It may take a few moments for the glasses to sync.