NW-A40 Series

Find your style. Step up your sound.

Designed to fit your life effortlessly, the NW-A40 Series comes in unique h.ear colors that sync with your style. Enjoy superior sound from High-Resolution Audio and improved BLUETOOTH® streaming with LDAC™.


A40 Walkman® A Series

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32GB with headphone


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h.ear range
Hear Your Colours

Bring harmony into your life with the colors of the h.ear range. Available in five unique shades, each one fits seamlessly with your style and your world.

Colors in harmony

The new h.ear range comes in colors to suit your lifestyle perfectly. The tones work with a spectrum of hues and different colors. Try them with your favorite outfit and it all just works—effortless harmony.

Take a closer look

See the h.ear range from every angle, and discover its design features for yourself.

Hear the difference
Truly authentic sound

Enjoy the subtlest nuances of studio-quality sound in higher than CD quality with High-Resolution Audio. Passion for music unites every component from signal to speaker, so it feels like the artist is performing right in front of you. 

High-Resolution Audio

3.2x more data transmitted

Enjoy DSD playback

Experience the natural sound and intense detail of DSD audio formats, thanks to the high-quality PCM conversion of the NW-A40 Series.

Restore the detail in your music

By restoring the high-range sound lost in compression, DSEE HX™ reproduces your digital music files with rich, natural sound. 

S-Master HX
Get the best out of High-Resolution Audio

Optimized for High-Resolution Audio, S-Master HX™ digital amplifier reduces distortion and noise, letting you enjoy all the subtleties in your music. 

Precision engineered for superior sound
New solder maximizes clarity

High-quality, lead-free solder creates a more efficient electronic connection between components, including the S-Master HX™ amp. Enjoy purer audio playback with enhanced vocal clarity, every time you press play.

New soldering
New soldering
New circuit board
New circuit board
New circuit board for pure, solid bass

The circuit board has been optimized to improve electricity flow, making the power supply stable. That means you experience clearer sound and pure, solid bass in your music.

Better Bluetooth streaming

LDAC™ uses a conventional BLUETOOTH® connection, but transfers at a maximum data transfer rate of up to 990 kbps—approximately three times that of other audio profiles. The result is enhanced wireless listening that's much closer to the artist's intention. Full aptX™ HD audio compatibility is available with a firmware update.

More ways to listen
Noise cancelation quietens external sounds

Want to be alone with your tunes? Activate noise cancelation, and the compatible IER-NW500N/NE headphones work with the NW-A40 Series to block out external sounds.

Ambient Sound mode lets essential audio in

When you're using the compatible IER-NW500N/NE headphones, activate Ambient Sound mode and you'll hear external sounds along with your music.

Use your NW-A40 as a Digital Audio Converter

When connected via USB, the NW-A40 Series uses its own, highly-tuned processing to convert your computer's audio signal, delivering improved sound quality.

MQA compatibility
Plays and decodes MQA™ files

The NW-A40 Series is compatible with playing and decoding MQA™ files, so you can play even more lossless-quality music.

More music at your fingertips
Expandable 16 GB memory
Expand your memory

The NW-A40 Series has 16 GB of built-in memory, but you can add more by popping in a Micro SD card.

45-hour battery
Charge less, listen longer

The quick-charging battery gives you up to 45 hours of listening time, so you can enjoy music all day.

Specifications and Features

Enjoy superior sound quality, wrapped in the colors of your world. High-Resolution Audio lets you hear music as the artist intended, while the advanced circuit board and audiophile-quality sound lead-free solder ensure crystal-clear sound. Go wireless—BLUETOOTH® streaming with LDAC preserves the detail in every track and NFC™ enables simple one-touch connection.
  • High-Resolution Audio compatible

  • S-Master HX™ (CXD3778GF) digital amplifier for pure sound quality

  • DSEE HX™ upscaling restores compressed music files

  • Easy BLUETOOTH® connectivity with NFC™ One-touch

  • Digital Noise Cancelation and ambient sound mode

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