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Notice to Customers using Walkman, NWZ-WS613/NWZ-WS615


    Thank you for your continued interest in Sony products.

    Sony has discovered that some units of Walkman, NWZ-WS613 and NWZ-WS615 may exhibit some of the symptoms mentioned below.

    To ensure customer satisfaction, Sony will repair the affected products without any charge if it exhibits any of following symptoms mentioned below. We kindly request customers with the affected products to contact our Customer Contact Centre. Full contact details are located here

    We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused and thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation.

    - Volume button on the Walkman does not work
    - Mode button on the Walkman does not work
    - No volume from the Walkman (or the volume level decreases to zero immediately) during playback
    - Static noise which is not heard from the audio source file is experienced from the left side of the earphones
    - Unable to confirm the Bluetooth status as the Bluetooth Lamp keeps alternating between being lighted in Red and Blue, or continuously lighted in Blue
    - Charging stops after “OPR (Operation)” lamp flashes in Red twice

    <Affected Models and Serial Number>
    Affected Models: NWZ-WS613/NWZ-WS615

    Affected Serial Numbers:
    To determine whether your Walkman may be affected, click here to validate the serial number.

    <How to check the model and serial number>
    The model and serial number are located on the back of the Walkman (Right side)

    <Eligible period for free exchange>
    From 19th Nov 2015 to 30th Jun 2017