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How to use numerical keyboard?

    • How to use numerical keyboard on Notebook?
    • How to use external numerical keyboard?

    Regarding how to use numerical keyboard or external numerical keyboard, please refer to the following information.

    How to use VAIO numerical keyboard?

    Press NumLock and input numbers by using keys, such as J, K, and other keys (Printed with numbers or +, -, /, and *).

    When NumLock is on, if you want to input letters by keyboard, please press J, K, and other keys while pressing Fn simultaneously.

    How to use external numerical keyboard?

    On the other hand, pressing NumLock of external numerical keyboard (the same with operations of VAIO numerical keyboard) can input numbers.
    In this condition, NumLock of Notebook is also being enabled.
    Some external numerical keyboards can also input numbers without pressing NumLock.

    This instruction can not guarantee the normal use of external numerical keyboard.