Image of a person wearing the WF-1000XM5 headphones while talking to another person

Talk and hear only ambient sound

You can set Speak-to-Chat to pause the music as soon as you start speaking to someone, so you can hear just ambient sound and conduct a conversation—handy if you want to keep your headphones on or your hands are full. Once your chat is over, your music will start playing again automatically.

Instant pause. Instant play.

1. Just take the earbuds out of your ears, and the music stops—a proximity sensor knows when you are wearing one or both earbuds.

2. Pop the earbuds back in, and the music starts again.

Illustration of a head, on the left there is a pause icon and a hand is removing the headphone from the ear
Illustration of a head, on the left there is a play icon and a hand is placing the headphone in the ear

Quick access to your favourite music and soundscapes

With Quick Access, you can configure these wireless earbuds to resume Spotify0 music playback or Endel1 personalised soundscapes with two or three taps – with no need to touch your smartphone.
Image of Spotify and Spotify tap logos above an Endel logo

Control headphones with head gestures

You can operate your earbuds using natural head gestures, like receiving or declining calls0 or operating Auto Play12 by nodding or shaking your head.
Image of two heads, the left is accepting a call with up and down arrows, the right rejecting with left to right arrows

Everything at your fingertips

Tap on the left earbud to change from Noise Canceling to Ambient Sound, long tap for Quick Attention, or double tap on the right to skip to the next track. You can even turn the volume up or down by tapping four or more times in a row0. With simple customization available in the free Headphones Connect app you can assign your own functions to each earbud.
Image of a person wearing the WF-1000XM5 headphones and tapping them with one finger

Listen safely with Sony | Headphones Connect app

To help protect your ears, you can check your volume compared to data from the World Health Organization (WHO). For example, when 80% of the WHO weekly sound pressure standard is reached, the volume will automatically drop to a level with less impact on your ear. If you want to track the benefits, you can visualise the time that noise cancellation has protected your ears from sounds that could harm your hearing.
Image of a person sitting at a café wearing the WF-100XM5 headphones whilst looking at their phone

How do you like to listen?

With the Sony | Headphones Connect app, Ambient Sound Control lets you adjust the volume of background sound and gives you the option to allow focusing on voices. Thanks to the new Equalizer setting, you can adjust the sound to your preference by listening to and comparing your preferred sound quality within the app.
Image of a Headphones Connect logo

Control with your voice

Get hands-free help by saying "OK Google" or "Alexa" to activate your preferred voice assistant0. Then, listen to music, connect with friends, get notifications, set reminders, and more. You can even control the features of your headphones, like noise cancellation with your voice1.
Image of an OK Google logo and an Alexa built-in logo

Find your headphones with Fast Pair

In one tap, the WF-1000XM5 enables quick, effortless Bluetooth pairing with your Android™ devices0.

You can even check to see where you last placed them.

Icon image of a laptop next to a wireless symbol

Easy pairing with your computer

Swift Pair makes it quick and easy to pair your headphones with your Windows 11 or Windows 10 laptop, desktop PC or tablet. When pairing mode is selected, pop-up pairing guidance appears on nearby Windows 11 or Windows 10 devices.
Icon image of a laptop next to a wireless symbol